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Walk back in time to colonial Spanish days at one of San Antonio's five 18th-century missions that spread European culture and converted the native people to Christianity— forever changing the face of the Southwest. Wander the streets of La Villita , one of the first Spanish settlements, and later home to German and French pioneers. Or head to the King William neighborhood , a national historic district lined with impressive restored homes. Sit at the bar in the Menger Hotel where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his "Rough Riders" years before. See where Texas' history begins, in San Antonio.


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Welcome to the City of San Antonio's Economic Development Department (EDD) portal. We are excited to share with you a few highlights and links that will help you stay connected to economic development in San Antonio.

San Antonio enjoys a diverse industry portfolio that continues to strengthen and build upon the city's historic economic base. Once primarily steeped in military and hospitality industry investment, more diverse industry strengths have emerged in recent years, making San Antonio one of the most recession resistant economies in the country. Combining the global connections with a focus on jobs and investment this department seeks to create a globally competitive and internationally connected economic development environment that supports entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes toward investment and job creation.


To make it easy and convenient to assist entrepreneurs and existing businesses, the International and Economic Development Department provides a full range of business services. The Small Business Division offices are located at 100 West Houston Street, Suite 1900. The Small Business Liaison is housed in the Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center at 1901 S. Alamo, San Antonio, Texas 78204. The Small Business Liaison is your first stop for business assistance and an on-going resource as your business grows. Our Professional staff will meet with you to discuss permitting, licensing and regulatory issues. We'll provide initial counseling on the following issues: sources of capital, developing a business plan, marketing strategies, forms of business organization, government procurement and other vital topics. To receive a customized "Starting Your Business" guide call our office at (210) 207-3900 or request online .